Lamkin Sonar Wrap Standard+ With Calibrate Grips

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The Lamkin Sonar Wrap Standard+ with Calibrate is for players that prefer the feel of wrap-style grips and are looking for innovative technology that can help their game.

The Sonar Wrap Standard+ with Calibrate is the first and only wrap-style grip featuring reminder ("ribbed") technology that promotes a consistent hand placement and repeatable control of the club. The Calibrate technology is indicated on the outside of the grip by a green "spine" on the underside of the grip. You cannot feel the reminder protrusion on the outside of the grip. You will feel it after installation on the club. Calibrate Technology provides a more pronounced and but still USGA conforming reminder.

Additionally, the Sonar Wrap Standard+ with Calibrate has Lamkin's proprietary Genesis Material (hybrid rubber compounds), and also Lamkin's Fingerprint Technology to provide a tacky feel with excellent traction for a secure grip without the player feeling like he has to apply too much hand pressure to control the club. The Fingerprint Technology features "control zones" that are intricate and very detailed micro textures on the surface of the grip.

The "+" indicates a reduced-taper profile (slightly larger lower hand) that also promotes the lighter grip pressure necessary for a great golf shot. This grip is great for playing in all weather conditions.


     Weight 53 grams
    Core Size .600
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