Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid With Calibrate Midsize Grip

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For the golfer looking for a grip that provides excellent all-around performance in a smoother, tackier feel and offers perfect all-weather playability, the ST+2 Hybrid With Calibrate Midsize features a variety of new technologies, including the Calibrate reminder that promotes consistent hand placement to help with better control, and Lamkin “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material used in two distinct zones to provide more traction in the upper hand and great feel in the lower hand.

Features of the ST+2 Hybrid With Calibrate Midsize Grip:

  • Calibrate Technology delivers a more pronounced but still conforming reminder grip, providing golfers the best hand placement, club face awareness, and control
  • Smooth Tack (ST) Genesis Material offers a great feeling tacky surface that is long-lasting, comfortable and far more resistant to degrading than standard rubber grips
  • Infused Cord (easy on the hands, non-abrasive) in the upper zone blending with Lamkin’s new ST Genesis Material to give the top hand first-class traction regardless of weather conditions, and with maximum control
  • The hybrid lower section features a smoother, tackier treatment further accompanied with the midsized- plus design profile (plus 2) that provides the lower guiding hand a comfortable, tactile feel


 Weight 53 grams
Core Size .600
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