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Avon Chamois Black Jumbo Grip

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The Avon Chamois grip is in our opinion the best arthritic golf club grip on the market, by far. How so? It boils down to the ACAS, or 'Air Cushioned Absorption System'.
The ACAS creates a series of 'air pockets' on the inside of the grip which dampen vibration on impact with the golf ball or turf. The reviews show that the Chamois is the best option for a golf grip if you have arthritis, and the soft feel is phenomenal.
Combine these grips with Sting Stopper Inserts, and you have the best possible combination for vibration dampening, and it can add years to your golfing life. To top it off, they are reasonably priced!


 Weight 66 grams
Core Size .600
Thickness +1/8"

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Chamois Jumbo Grips

Since I wear a XXL glove, I'm always looking for oversized grips that don't weigh 75 grams or more. These Chamois Jumbo's fit my hands perfectly, yet weigh in at only 66 grams. Clubhead feel is greatly enhanced! I plan to stick with these for a long time.

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