Lamkin Sonar+ Tour With Calibrate Grip

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Lamkin Sonar+ Tour with Calibrate grips are perfect for golfers with higher swing speeds, looking for a high-performance grip to help with shot-making from tee-to-green. Sonar+ Tour Calibrate grips have reminder (ribbed) technology to promote repeatable hand placement and greater control of the club to aid in squaring the club face at impact.

They are engineered with Lamkin’s proprietary tacky Genesis Material with a slightly firmer feel, and have Lamkin's exclusive Fingerprint Technology. Having Calibrate Technology means a more pronounced, but still conforming, reminder grip, providing golfers with correct hand placement, club face awareness, and control.

Genesis Material gives a superior feel over traditional rubber grips that keeps its tackiness in any weather. The Sonar+ with Calibrate has Fingerprint Technology along with a reduced taper. Both features are ideal for grip comfort while aiding the golfer to maintains lighter surface pressure, which makes for a great golf shot.


 Weight 53 grams
Core Size .600
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