JumboMax Black Wrap Medium Grip

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JumboMax is known for their patented oversize, soft, and tacky wrap grips. These are great feeling grips that will giver you a stronger but more relaxed grip on your golf club! Many switching to JumboMax find they hit the ball farther and with more accuracy.
The performance characteristics of Jumbo Max Grips are achieved through a twist-resistant, high-energy transfer core, while the ultra-tacky, shock-absorbing outer layer gives you an improved feel and great playability in any weather condition. JumboMax Grips can quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf.
Independent tests by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. showed that in nearly every category tested, from club head speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin and carry distance, JumboMax Grips beat the results of "standard" golf grips. Once you try them, you may never want to go back to a "skinny" grip again.


       Weight 105 grams
      Core Size .600
      Thickness +5/16"
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