Lamkin Crossline Oversize Grip

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Why does the Lamkin Crossline grip continue to be Lamkin's best selling grip and still a preferred grip for many tour players? Because the Crossline delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control.

With more than $200,000,000 in worldwide Tour earnings, Crossline grips have been a favorite among top players for nearly 20 years. The easily identified and distinctive densely-spaced surface pattern provides exceptional lateral traction and grip stability. The firmer grip material limits torsion at shot impact giving the golfer greater control and consistency.

The Crossline Oversize is made from a highly durable synthetic rubber compound that provides maximum shot feedback and is built to last round after round so it can save you money by not having to re-grip as often. The Crossline Oversize also is a superior grip in wet weather.


     Weight 76 grams
    Core Size .580
    Thickness +1/8
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