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Lamkin SINK Fit Deep-V Putter Grip

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Lamkin's SINK Fit Deep-V putter grip offers the best of both worlds when it comes to putter grip material. It offers the feel, traction, and durability of rubber, while providing the lightweight characteristics of other putter grips produced with polyurethane sleeves.

The Deep-V has a lightweight, proprietary microlight compound under-listing and a thin sleeve of rubber on top of that made with Lamkin's superior Genesis Material, and also has Lamkin's "Fingerprint Technology”. It’s Deep-V profile acts as an exaggerated “reminder” that will put your hands in the perfect position for a great putt.

Another benefit is that this grip will have the longer wear of a rubber grip vs. a traditional polyurethane grip. It’s a great grip for golfers using the traditional overlap or even the reverse overlap style of putting.


     Weight 66 grams
    Core Size .580
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