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Lamkin Sink Fit Rubber Pistol Putter Grip

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The new Lamkin Sink Fit putter grips are fantastic. These ergonomic inspired putter grips are fueled by a unique contoured shape and Lamkin's now famous "fingerprint" technology.

If you haven't felt this technology in your hands, do yourself a favor! It really revolutionizes grips, whether it be Lamkin's Sonar swing grips, or these Sink Fit putter grips. Fingerprint technology offers a comfortable and secure feel with an ideal level of grip traction.

This traditional Pistol is a popular putter grip shape that encourages proper hand positioning and wrist alignment for a more controlled, consistent putting stroke. This rubber grip is made of a proprietary compound developed by Lamkin's chemists to provide a responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability.


     Weight 120 grams
    Core Size .580
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