Lamkin Sonar Plus Oversize Grip

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The Lamkin Sonar grip combines a network of functional micro-textures with a slightly softer and highly durable material. The SONAR provides outstanding comfort and unmatched performance.

This grip is made with a proprietary "hybrid" compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability and grip control. The system of functional micro-textures that Lamkin uses provides torsional stability in the upper hand, and performance-enhancing 'control panels' in the lower hand.

This grip has a straighter profile, with a slightly larger lower hand, and promotes the ideal light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control. The Sonar has a tacky and responsive feel, and an exceptionally comfortable texture. This grip material and grip shape is ideally suited for a wide range of golfers.


     Weight 80 grams
    Core Size .600
    Thickness +1/16
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