Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Midsize Grip

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For the golfer looking for an all-around great performing midsize grip, the ST+2 Hybrid Midsize features Lamkin’s newest Genesis Material (“Smooth Tack”), that provides a tacky surface that is long-lasting, more wear resistant to degrading than standard rubber grips, and very comfortable in the golfer's hands. Specifically designed to provide traction in the upper hand and a nice soft feel in the lower hand, the golfer can fully experience the grip's unique hybrid characteristics, resulting in more control over the shot.

Features of the ST+2 Hybrid Midsize Grip:

  • Smooth Tack (ST) Genesis Material that offers a great feeling tacky surface
  • Infused Cord (easy on the hands, non-abrasive) in the upper zone, blending with Lamkin’s new ST Genesis Material to give the top hand first-class traction regardless of weather conditions and with maximum control
  • The hybrid lower section features a smoother, tackier treatment further accompanied with the midsized- plus design profile (plus 2) that provides the lower guiding hand a comfortable, tactile feel


     Weight 57 grams
    Core Size .600
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