Lamkin TaylorMade Genesis Crossline Full Cord Grip

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Lamkin's best selling Crossline grip pattern is upgraded with Lamkin's Genesis material and matched with full-cord coverage in the sharp-looking TaylorMade Genesis grip. This grip will without a doubt deliver maximum control and shot feedback.

Acclaimed for its outstanding performance in any weather condition, this Crossline Full-Cord grip was chosen by TaylorMade as the standard grip of choice on many of their wedges, and available on their custom clubs.

Features of the TM Genesis Crossline Full-Cord grip:

  • Distinctive, densely-spaced surface pattern plus a full-cord cotton weave
  • Firmer grip material that limits torsion at shot impact providing greater control and consistency
  • With patent-pending Lamkin Genesis material, made to last a long time
  • High traction texture and slip-free confidence in all weather conditions.


 Weight 52 grams
Core Size .580
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