PURE Classic Midsize Black Putter Grip

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The people at PURE Grips are helping golfers excel in every aspect of their game. From driving to chipping to iron play, PURE grips help golfers maintain a soft natural grip, leading to smoother swings, better contact and lower scores.

Since feel is one of the most important ingredients to proper putting, it only makes sense to use a PURE classic midsize putter grip. Made from 100% rubber in the USA, PURE’s putter grip is perfect for golfers who prefer a putter grip with a soft and tacky feel. Designed to mold perfectly into your hands without any sharp edges, the PURE Classic midsize gives you the confidence to drain even the toughest of your putts.

Make your short game the best it can be. It's all the rage to use a thicker putter grip than standard. Why is that? Simply put, a bigger putter grip "quiets" the hands and wrists, and allows for a smoother putting stroke, and a smaller likelihood of the "yips".

You’ll have more stability and more control with a PURE Classic Midsize Black Putter Grip! Unlike competitor’s grips that are made in China or Mexico, PURE Grips are made in the USA.


     Weight 85 grams
    Core Size .580
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