PURE Grips Installation Tool

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PURE Grips (and many other brands of grips) CAN be installed with compressed air and this installation tool (Of course, PURE Grips can be installed with conventional double-sided grip tape and solvent too).

The air method of installation is very easy, if you have almost any small air compressor. You can see a video on the installation here. In the video, no tape at all is being used, however, some clubmakers do like to use one layer of masking or build-up tape (double-sided tape is not needed).

The installation tool works on all PURE Grips, even PURE putter grips. The tool may not work on other brand's large putter grips. Some advantages of using the compressed air method are:

  • You can regrip clubs in less time than it takes to do it with tape and solvent.
  • Grips, particularly Pure Grips with their proprietary high quality rubber formula, will not slip or turn once in place.
  • Clubs gripped with air can be used immediately.
  • Air gripping is easy to learn; easier than the tape and solvent method.
  • Grips put on with air are as simple to remove as they were to install.

Note: Gun Tool has 1/4" Female NPT (the most common air fitting\coupler size)

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